who we are

The name “Taaj Builders” was inspired by the beauty and magnificence of the Taj Mahal. The famous architectural symbol of love, wonder, and admiration. The Taaj team is determined to have a similar effect on their clientele, building with love and creating wonders.

Taaj builers has evolved from a small freelance contracting company, founded in 1975, into one of modern day Lahore’s most prestigious and awe-inspiring architectural design and development establishment.

The company was founded in 1975 by Jamil Asghar Malik, in the under developed villages of rural Pakistan. The focus then, was to build small inexpensive houses for the working class villagers. The company soon prospered because of their Professional, friendly, and honest workmanship. The business grew and Taaj builders transferred their focus onto the bustling and developing city of Lahore.

In 1990, Ali Umair Malik, followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the company. The family run business continued to expand and soon came to include large scale luxury houses and factories into their portfolio. Although, Mr. Umair inherited his father’s technical and architectural skills, he always had a keen sense of interior design. Thus, the company came to include talented interior decorators and designers as well. This team strictly works with colors, textures, furniture, lighting and space putting all those aspects together to meet specific needs. They help you select the perfect home décor that will accurately reflect your personality whether it be classic or modern.

Today, Taaj Builders, specialize in the construction of new homes, additions, and remodeling of commercial and residential projects. They will help you personalize every aspect of your living or work environment to your utmost satisfaction. Taaj Builders’ experienced and seasoned team of architects and builders approach each project with an eye for detail and deliver success from planning to execution. With Taaj Builders, you will be in good hands from start to finish, from concept to reality. The Taaj Team continues to look forward to serving their patrons and building dreams.